Hospital Cash Insurance for 1 lakh farmers

A group insurance plan to initiate farrmer sunder a Hospital Cash Insurance, extend support and knowledge on Crop and Livestock, and

The Hospital Cash Insurance is a sponsored health insurance specially crafted for this group to learn and continue the routine in their future life.

Under nudge2include, the first component is the The Hospital Cash insurance that is crafted to cover a farmer for instant cash for upto Rs 1,000/- a day during hospitalisation, and SEWAK will facilitate policy registration, generating 2/3 portion of the annual policy cost from sponsors for the first year and continuation too is rewarded in an ease-out manner.

Hospital Cash Insurance Features Chart

Inviting leading NGOs from across the world,  consortiums of FPOs from across Odisha, and most importantly well meaning citizens who are aware, capable and keen to provide small farmers of this world, an immediate and long term safety net for their lives and livelihood and their priceless smile to stay.

Step 1: Enroll 1,00,000+ small & marginal farmers, from across West and South Odisha, India.

This we do through inviting individuals, NGO's and FPOs to enroll farmer members from their organisations or general groups who qualify the criteria of land holding of 1 hectare or less.

Step 2: Create a Hospital Cash Insurance Policy in partnership with insurance provider.

We have included custom features and also remove many barriers for easy adoption, renewal nudge and easy claim process.

Step 3: Enable and manage donor  contributions, towards funding to cover a part of the policy.

The funds generated would be towards covering 2/3rd (INR.200 / USD2.77 ) for a policy Rs 300 ( USD ~4.16 ) per person pey annum (pppa). We invite NGO's, Corporate CSR, Individual Donors to contribute generously.

Step 4: Service the policy on ground, by being on the farmers’ side throughout the process.

Farmers will require hand holding, step by step guidance. FPOs on ground support and on call support will be available.

Step 5: Educate farmers on the necessity of insuring livelihood, by creating small knowledge snippets.

By creating a digitally sharable education modules about insurance of various types, their coverage, claim process, fellow farmers testimonials, digital financial literacy, expert views as well as educating on crop and livestock.

Step 6: Followup on voluntary renewals of policies, by nudging the farmers over a 3 year period.

This is the toughest part of the campaign where in the results of the campaign shows up and we measure the success of the campaign. All measures of educational best practice would be employed to ensure the results are high and true.

Your support is most needed to secure lives and livelihood of small/marginal farmers

Donate Now

How to be a part of the campaign.

Donate to Farmers' Insurance

Contribute towards Insurance, by donating towards a part of the Hospital Cash Insurance for 5 farmers or multiples and helping them develop a safety habit.

Be our Ambassadors

Join hands with the Campaign, volunteer for an on ground field activity or be an online ambassador in taking the programme to the world.

Mobilise Farmers

Identify and enrol farmers, as many as possible from your side, so they benefit getting this special insurance at very very low premium.