Rosy Patel receives ₹.20,000/- claim

Rosy is a small Woman Farmer growing cabbage, chillies and other vegetables in Jhurimal, Sundergarh Dist.

She was introduced to nudge2include by SEWAK during a campaign drive and got herself enrolled for the Hospital Cash Insurance. She did not have any idea of the insurance and thought it was a savings. She was explained that there is no return of the premium amount like in Life Insurance. She had however taken a policy for Rs. 600/- per annum premium without exactly knowing how it would benefit her.  

In May 2022, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Hemorrhagic Cyst at Institute of Medical Science and Sum Hospital Bhubaneshwar, and had to be hospitalised for 5 days in the Samaleshwari Hospital Sundargarh for treatment. In Aug 2022 , she was again hospitalised for 5 days due to relapsed complications.

In all she got ₹ 20,000/- as Hospital Insurance Claim and this saved her from any type of private borrowings that usually would happen during a sudden hospitalisation.

A small nudge helped her swim through the odds of unexpected hospitalisation and got herself saved from obvious traps of raising loans. She has successfully claimed the benefit and is now aware of the simple claim process.

Rosy Patel, understood the benefit of this Hospital Cash Insurance and the huge relief it provides during an emergency hospitalisation. This inspired her to become a volunteer campaigner for nudge2include and got many neighbors from her village and enrolled them. She stressed on the initial investment of  just Rs. 100/-  and the other Rs. 200/- would be by donations form nudge2include. On her word and encouragement, about 100+ farmers and families are now insured under the Hospital Cash Insurance.

nudge2include is grateful to all donors to have helped successfully educate Rosy Patel about the importance of insurance as a financial safety tools.

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Contribute towards Insurance, by donating towards a part of the Hospital Cash Insurance for 5 farmers or multiples and helping them develop a safety habit.

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