No contribution is small in this inclusion drive

Mainstreaming the small/marginal farmers is a duty towards the needy and deserving. In their sustainability do we see our sustainable progress.

A good nudge pays huge dividends: No matter which geography you donate from, you'll feel the positive effect of better societies being built around you.

CSR & Charities


We look forward for donations that would sustain our drive in a sustained insurance and farmer education.

Companies & Groups


Secure the lives of a minimum of 125 farmers' Hospital Cash Insurance Premium for a year and develop the habit.

Individual Donors


With a single sponsorship, you can contibute towards 5 farmers' annual premium for Hospital Cash Insurance Policy.

Two convenient ways to donate, safe and secure.

001. Fundraiser -

Self Employed Employees' Association Kendra (SEWAK)

Donate @

Pay by Credit, Debit Card, UPI or by a Cheque. is a fundraising platform providing  secure payments for donations for genuine charitable causes with provision of proper receipts for donations.

Note! : Read instructions carefully through the donation journey. An optional "tip" is selected by default. It is your choice to allow it or not.

002. Direct Bank Transfer

Self Employed Employees' Association Kendra (SEWAK)

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AC No: 0876 0501 1423
IFSC: ICIC0000876
ICICI Bank, Sundargarh

Share your Online Transfer transaction ID to We shall provide reciepts to all donations.

Note: This donation is a charity to a registered non-government organisation. Your reciept qualifies for tax rebates in India and in other countries as applicable.

Governance and Compliance. Importance has been given to Campaign governance and compliance, two key aspects that we run on.


Shri. Shriram Subramaniam

Chief Governance Officer - nudge2include,
MD, Ingovern Services, Bangalore

Mr. Sriram Subramaniam, InGovern

Shri. Shriram Subramaniam is the founder and MD of InGovern Research Services. He is widely quoted in Indian and international media on issues of corporate governance, shareholder activism and business practices. Speaker at many Indian and international conferences. Member of the CII National Committee on Financial Markets.


Shri. Bibekananda Pani B.Com, FCA, CMA, LLB,

Chartered Accountant [ EN - 211800000021GPG ]
Kalimandir Road, Jharsuguda-768202
Odisha, INDIA

Mr Bibekananda Pani

Shri. Bibekananda Pani is a Chartered Accountant and a practicing auditor of repute in Odisha. He is currently practicing in Jharsuguda and has lent hand to audit the accounts of the nudge2include campaign. He has helped the campaign to structure the financials to ensure compliance and adopt best practices in the social cause campaign.

Compliant Drive

All audited accounts with end to end transparency of operations. Working with established NGO protocol.

Wide Impact

Highest reach across West & South Odisha and a first of its kind drive in this scale of 1 lakh small/marginal farmers.

Critical Education

Critical insurance knowledge spreading drive to secure the lives and livelihood of small/marginal farmers.

Sustainability Habit

A drive that would take these small farmers to adopt self sustaining insurance habit and build their safety net.

Still got a question regarding donating? Please read  below some basic FAQs that may help you. If you still don't find your answer, please contact us.

Is this campaign a non-profit campaign.

Yes it is. This campaign is run by SEWAK Self Employed Workers' Association Kendra, an NGO in Odisha, India, and all donations are purely used towards the stated expenditure and audited statements will be released for public on this site.

What are all the ways one can make a donation?

DD/Cheques • Direct Bank Transfers • Credit/Debit Cards • Online Bank Transfers • UPI Payments • Online Payment Gateways are a few of the ways one can transfer

Can our company donate through an Account Payee Cheque?

Yes you could. If you do so, please do also email an instant intimation about the cheque and amount along with a photo of the cheque so that we are aware of the incoming payments and refresh our proximity to the targets..

Can a company donate less than 350 US$ as specified?

Ofcourse you could encourage your employees/staff to contribute individually in multiples of US$ 13 (INR Rs. 1000/-). But as a company, payments coming from the corporate account, the specified US$ 350 is a minimum.

Does donation payments get Tax Benefits?

Yes. In India, all donation amounts are exempt from Income Tax under 80G. For donations from other countries, we shall be providing a Certified Reciept towards Non-profit so that the donor may apply for any Income Tax exemptions as per the country's laws.

What are the requirements to volunteer in the campaign?

Since it is an on the field job of travelling across rural Odisha, one must be ready to travel extensively and work in a self-motivated fervour. Volunteers must be digitally savvy with Odiya spoken proficiency

How to support the campaign

Donate to Farmers' Insurance

Contribute towards Insurance, by donating towards a part of the Hospital Cash Insurance for 5 farmers or multiples and helping them develop a safety habit.

Be our Ambassadors

Join hands with the Campaign, volunteer for an on ground field activity or be an online ambassador in taking the programme to the world.

Mobilise Farmers

Identify and enrol farmers, as many as possible from your side, so they benefit getting this special insurance at very very low premium.