Securing lives & livelihoods of small farmers

Campaign aims to create sustainable habit among small and marginal farmers to adopt for health, crop and livestock insurance,

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Lack of health insurance is one of the major financial exclusions in the tribal areas. Sudden medical expenses cause severe hardship due to which heavy loss of personal savings, distress sale of assets built over lifetime push farmers into viscious debt cycle.

Objective: This is a project with an ambition to initiate small/marginal farmers across Odisha, through demonstration of power of a secure life and livelihood by nudging them into a habit of insuring themselves, their crops and their livestock.

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1 lakh Farmers

1,00,000 Small/marginal farmers being sponsored to Hospital Cash Insurance  initiating their journey towards secure their life and livlihood

Odisha, India

Small/marginal farmers from all of Odisha state, India, where highest density of marginal and tribal farmers exist.

3 full Years

A relentless, on ground, marginal farmers literacy on insuring their life & livelihood, including agri best practice.
SEWAK Complex, Rangiamunda.

SEWAK the Org: Self Employed Workers' Association Kendra, Sundargarh, Odisha.

This project is organised and run by SEWAK, located in Sundergarh Dist, Odisha. SEWAK is a secular, non-profit, non-Government Social Service Organisation registered in 1995 under Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 in Sundargarh district of Odisha in India. The acronym SEWAK means ‘servant’.

SEWAK's Key Focus: Bringing about steady transformation in the lives of people and communities.

SEWAK is dedicated to the service of rural and urban poor, unemployed youth, backward and tribal communities, and vulnerable segments of the population of Sundargarh District.. It has been implementing self-funded and supported developmental projects in the district setting off a process of steady transformation in the lives of the people and communities.

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Supporting NGOs: Many NGOs and Farner Organisations in Odisha are supporting the campaign.

Right from mobilisation of their member farmers or in areas of infulence, these NGOs are supporting the campaing in creating a better better literacy on Risks, Solutions and Digital literacy with a belief that this will bring long term impact in theor lives of small and marginal farmers.

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Nudge2Include is an initiative to extend the support to 1 lac farmers in the state of Odisha comprising 40% tribals and >35% female farmers in the disadvantaged segment. The campaign aims to educate them on insurance necessity, the impact of health risk in life, quelling fears on claims process, develop belief and habit to insure themselves and their livelihoods, prepare them not to fall prey to distress sale of their life savings. It will be done through a rigorous 3 years of  hand-holding engagement, and most importantly, financially supporting them by bearing a significant part of their initial policy charges.

A nudge by initial hand holding, demonstrative learning for the farmers can open them to adopt and secure their life and livelihood through initiating a habit of insuring themselves, their crops and livestock.

This we do through inviting individuals, NGO's and FPOs to enrol farmer members from their organisations or general groups who qualify the criteria of land holding of 1 hectare or less.

Here is a programme to initiate insurance coverage to One Lakh (1,00,000) small & marginal farmers of Odisha, educate them on insurance necessity, quelling fears on claims process, develop belief and habit to insure their livelihoods, prepare them never to fall prey to distress sale of their life savings  through 3 full years of  hand-holding engagement, and most importantly, financially support them by bearing a significant part of their initial policy charges.

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Pragati Koraput

Pragati Koraput, is working for socio-economic well-being of forest dependent communities, small and marginal farmers, women headed and migrant households in the most fragile landscape of Odisha, India. Our collaboration with Government, Research Institutions, National and International Donors and Civil Society Networks has strengthened our efforts for realization of larger societal goals.

SGF Foundation Logo

SGF Foundation

"Saunta Gaunta"- A popular saying among the Santhali tribe in Northern Odisha which literally means "Together We Can" is the driving force behind the work of Santa Gaunta Foundation. Established in 2005, the organisation relishes the power of togetherness and strives to work among the Tribal Groups in order to bring them into mainstream society through livelihood projects.

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Odisha Millets Mission is a flagship programme of Department of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment, Government of Odisha. Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas of Odisha (Odisha Millets Mission) was launched by Govt of Odisha in 2017 to revive millets in farms and on plates.  It emerged from a consultation between Government, Academia (NCDS) and Civil Society Organisations (RRA Network, ASHA Network and local NGOs). It is first of its kind of agriculture programme with priority on increasing consumptions in Odisha.

WOSCA Organisation Logo

Women’s Organisation for Socio-Cultural Awareness

WOSCA works in Governance and Livelihood development, Health and Education, Child rights and women empowerment and Environment Preservation. It’s funding partner agencies including Government of Odisha, Government of India, DFID, DRDA, NHM, UNDP, NABARD, Plan-International, OXFAM, The Hunger Project, UNICEF, DMF, CHILDLINE India Foundation & others.

How to be a part of the campaign.

Donate to Farmers' Insurance

Contribute towards Insurance, by donating towards a part of the Hospital Cash Insurance for 5 farmers or multiples and helping them develop a safety habit.

Be our Ambassadors

Join hands with the Campaign, volunteer for an on ground field activity or be an online ambassador in taking the programme to the world.

Mobilise Farmers

Identify and enrol farmers, as many as possible from your side, so they benefit getting this special insurance at very very low premium.